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A heat pump combines refrigeration and electricity to heat and cool your house with one appliance. One component of the heat pump is a condenser unit outside, and the other is an indoor unit that passes the air along into the house. These "split" units are extremely efficient. Here are some ways a heat pump system may save you money in your Granbury, Texas, home:

More Efficient Than Gas, Oil and Electric Heat

A heat pump system uses electricity to power the components of the unit and bring warm air into the home. A heat pump system makes at least three units of heat for every unit of electricity. Compare that to a traditional electric heater that uses one unit of electricity to produce one unit of heat.

Reduces Your Reliance on Other Energy Sources

If your heat pump runs around the clock, your electric bill may go up some. However, many people also use oil, gas or electricity to complement the heat pump. Now, if you’re one of those people and your heat pump is highly efficient, it can offset about 300 gallons of fuel annually, saving you money and lessening your impact on the environment.

Heat Pump Maintenance is Vital

To make sure your heat pump system continues to save you money by running at maximum efficiency, call in a professional for routine maintenance on the components. The Department of Energy advises that a well-maintained heat pump operates up to 25% more efficiently than a poorly managed one. A qualified professional who’s familiar with your climate can tell you precisely what kind of maintenance plan you need.

If you’re considering a heat pump for your home, it’s essential you know that not every home can use a heat pump exclusively. Call Airmasters Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. at 817-506-4862 for a complete evaluation of your home. We’ll tell you what will work best for you.

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