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Why Granbury, TX Homeowners Should Invest in a Heat Pump

The hot summers and relatively mild winters in Granbury, Texas, make it an ideal location to install a heat pump. Heat pumps are good choices because they function as both air conditioners and sources of heat. They allow homeowners to enjoy comfort all year. If you’re thinking about installing a new HVAC system in your home, there are several reasons you should opt to invest in a heat pump.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Furnaces burn fuel to heat your home’s interior during the cooler months. Heat pumps, on the other hand, move heat by using a small amount of electricity to power their mechanical components. In heating mode, heat pumps have much better energy efficiency than furnaces. A family of four may expect savings of as much as 30 percent during the winter.

Improved Humidity Control

Granbury residents know that the summer months are oppressively humid and muggy. Heat pumps help to control the humidity by exhausting it outside. Heat pumps have two ways in which they can help to dehumidify your home:

  • Dry mode: The heat pump alternates between the cooling and heating operations to maintain the room’s temperature while drawing excessive moisture from the air
  • Cool mode: The heat pump removes moisture through the process of condensation.

High Return On Investment

In addition to energy savings, you’ll also experience an increase in the value of your home when you invest in a heat pump. If you decide to place your home on the market, having an energy-efficient heating and cooling system in place is a strong selling point. As a result, it’ll allow you to command a higher price.

Heat pumps are an excellent heating and cooling choice for homeowners in Granbury, Texas. Contact Airmasters AC, Heat, Plumbing & Electrical to learn more about our heat pumps and how one of them can benefit you.

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