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5 Furnace Innovations You’ll Appreciate in Trane Heating Systems

Trane has been at the forefront of climate control technology since its inception in 2007. With a commitment to providing effective yet efficient technology, Trane has some of the most reliable climate control systems on the market. Are you considering a Trane furnace for your Cleburne, Texas, home? Here are five reasons these heating systems are some of the best in the industry:

More Options

Trane offers buyers a number of different furnace offerings to ensure you’re installing the best system for your needs. Whether you want the most energy-efficient machine or the most powerful, Trane offers a range of products to best fit what you want from a furnace.

There are two main system types available: one-stage and two-stage. One-stage systems are the simplest and involve a fixed fuel level and a single-speed blower. These systems are either off or running at full capacity, so they’re often less fuel-efficient but have a lower price point.

On the other hand, two-stage systems offer variable-speed blowers and a two-stage gas valve. This allows the system to run at different levels, helping to keep your home at an appropriate temperature during different seasons. It works at a lower level during comfortable spring days and at a higher level when temperatures are more extreme.

Reduced Noise

Furnaces have a bad reputation for being noisy. This is often due to the clunky design of older models, which were most commonly one-stage systems. Modern systems have overcome this issue, and Trane takes noise into consideration when designing all its models.

If low noise is your biggest priority, the S9V2 is the quietest furnace Trane offers. The system utilizes the patented Vortica II variable-speed blower, exclusive to Trane. This is coupled with a variable-speed draft inducer for fantastic efficiency but ultra-low noise levels.

The technology included in the S9V2 works to set the furnace on the lowest fuel or electrical setting possible given the thermostat setting. As a result, it helps keep noise down and simultaneously reduces fuel and energy consumption, boosting efficiency.

Better Efficiency

Trane offers several ENERGY STAR-qualified furnaces, perfect for buyers who prioritize energy efficiency. To be ENERGY STAR qualified, the system must fulfill the Environmental Protection Agency’s rigorous set of requirements. Not all furnace systems are ENERGY STAR rated, but Trane prides itself on having some of the best on the market.

For customers looking for the best energy efficiency, the XC95m offers 97.3 percent annual fuel utilization efficiency, otherwise known as AFUE. Its fuel efficiency doesn’t come at the cost of performance. Its variable-speed blower motor can keep your home warm and comfortable even in the coolest months.

During the summer, the system uses Trane’s Vortica™ II variable-speed blower to keep your home cool while still conserving energy. By combining the flexibility of a modulated system and the efficiency of ENERGY STAR, the XC95m has become one of Trane’s most popular systems.

Improved Air Quality

From dehumidifiers to air purifiers, Trane systems have several air quality technologies available to keep your home comfortable and pollutant-free. Some systems have dehumidifiers built in, essential technology during Cleburne’s summer heat. Trane’s Comfort-R™ is an advanced dehumidifier and works to reduce humidity intuitively without drying out your home.

The air purifier add-on, called CleanEffects, is a great choice for families who deal with allergies or other lung conditions. It traps more pollen, dust and allergens than many other filtering systems.

Advanced Communication Technology

Many of Trane’s systems use communication technology to ensure the best performance possible with minimal breakdowns or inefficiency. Their communication system, called ComfortLink II, is at the forefront of climate control technology. It connects all the different components of your climate control system and works to calibrate, configure, and charge the system to keep it running as best as possible. By connecting all these components and running its own calibration measures, it can keep overall costs of the system down while promoting efficiency.

If you’re ready to get a new, better furnace from Trane, the experts at Airmasters AC, Heat, Plumbing & Electrical can help. We can assist you with everything from picking the perfect heating system to installation. Give us a call at 817-506-4862 to set up an appointment today!

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