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Why Is There Ice on My AC System in Mansfield, TX?

Ice on your air conditioner is a sign that something is wrong and needs attention. While you might not be running your AC system yet, you’ll start to soon and could notice this problem. Continue reading to find out why you might find ice on your AC system in Mansfield, TX, and what you should do about it.

Poor AC Maintenance Practices

Among the most common causes of icing on an air conditioner is insufficient maintenance. Build-ups of dirt and other debris on AC coils prevent cold refrigerant from absorbing heat and hot refrigerant from releasing it.

Air conditioners can also ice over due to dirty air filters and blocked air vents. Make sure the vents throughout your home are debris-free and open, and replace your air filter as needed.

You can avoid maintenance-related problems with icing by scheduling professional AC maintenance once each year, just before the cooling season arrives. You should also inspect your air filter monthly and change it every 30 to 90 days.

Air Conditioning Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks affect an air conditioner’s cooling abilities. They also impact humidity regulation. If there isn’t enough refrigerant moving through your AC system at the right speed, moisture that would normally flow out via the condensate drain will turn into ice instead.

Our service technicians test for refrigerant leaks during annual AC inspections. If your air conditioner’s refrigerant line has a leak, we’ll find and fix it and perform a refrigerant recharge.

Wiring Problems in the AC System

Worn wires, installation mistakes, thermostat troubles and age-related electrical wear can also lead to icing. If your compressor continues working after your AC blower fan has shut off, you might notice icing at your outdoor condenser unit. Only licensed HVAC service technicians should diagnose and repair electrical AC issues.

We help our clients maintain healthy, comfortable homes with first-rate heating and cooling services. If you need an AC repair in Mansfield, TX, call Airmasters AC, Heat, Plumbing & Electrical today.

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