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Is Whole-Home Ventilation in Mansfield, TX, a Wise Investment?

Many homeowners in Mansfield, TX, regularly open the windows in the fall to allow fresh air into the house. Although this approach can help bring in a nice breeze, it isn’t the best ventilation idea. Whole-home ventilation might be a new concept to most homeowners, but it has some outstanding benefits that make it a wise investment.

Less Wasted Energy

Unlike opening windows, whole-home ventilation doesn’t waste a good deal of energy. If you select an ERV, or energy recovery ventilator, you’ll choose the ideal option for saving on your energy bills. ERVs also rid your home of contaminated indoor air. This ventilator traps the thermal energy present in the outgoing air and uses it to purify incoming air.

Consistent Comfort

Window units, bathroom exhaust fans and other ventilation options tend to only affect one indoor area. For instance, bathroom exhaust fans can only help eliminate humidity and odor from bathrooms. On the other hand, whole-home ventilation solutions, such as an energy recovery ventilator, deliver a consistent level of comfort throughout the entire home. Whole-home ventilation is vital when it comes to pre-filtering incoming air and reducing the humidity levels in homes during warmer weather.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Installing a tight thermal seal in a home can significantly reduce monthly cooling and heating costs. However, energy-saving insulation can end up retaining polluted indoor at the same time. Whole-home ventilation helps with expelling such indoor air pollutants from a home, making it ideal for enhancing indoor air quality.

Whole-home ventilation can be a worthy investment toward keeping you comfortable in the long run. Call us at Airmasters AC, Heat, Plumbing & Electrical today to begin improving your indoor air quality. We’d be happy to serve all your HVAC needs, whether you need an installation, a repair or maintenance.

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