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5 Troubling Heat Pump Odors in Granbury, TX

Many households opt for heat pumps because they’re energy-efficient and convenient, and they provide both heating and cooling. While these systems come packed full of benefits, they can still encounter odor issues just like other HVAC systems. Keep watch for these troubling heat pump odors in Granbury, TX:


When your heat pump emits a musty or stale odor, there may be microbial growing around the evaporator coil. There may even be an issue with your condensate line or drain pan. Rather than suffer through a stinky summer, schedule annual HVAC maintenance to keep your system’s interior clean and efficient.

Rotten Eggs/Sulfur

A rotten egg odor is normally associated with a gas leak in furnaces. However, for heat pumps, it often means there’s a dead animal in the ductwork. During the winter, pests are more likely to get into your HVAC system where they can pass away and start to decompose.

Burning Plastic

When heat pumps overheat, the protective tubing around the wires can melt. If you miss the telltale odor and continue to use your heat pump, you could have a fire emergency on your hands. The damage may also spread to other wires and components, prompting the circuit breaker to trip.

Rotting Fish

A foul fish odor is another common side effect of overheating or internal mechanical issues. Some of the most common causes are problems with the system’s wiring, melting plastic/rubber or persistent motor issues.

Chemical Smells

Sharp chemical odors are rare, but they may indicate you have a refrigerant leak. Other common signs of refrigerant issues include hissing or bubbling sounds.

Your household deserves a well-functioning heat pump that can produce reliable temperature control. Protect your home from unpleasant, lingering odors by counting on our professional, NATE-certified service technicians. Call Airmasters AC, Heat, Plumbing & Electrical today to learn more about our exceptional heat pump services in Granbury, TX.

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