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Spring has sprung in Cleburne, TX, and the heavy heat of summer isn’t far behind. Now is the time to pay close attention to your ductless mini-split AC system before a failure could mean extreme discomfort. Use these troubleshooting tips to help you decide whether you need to have your ductless HVAC system serviced before summer hits.

Start With Simple Maintenance

Before you go hunting for problems, make sure you cover the basics. Replace all filters in your system to ensure all your air handlers are breathing properly. Then go outside and clear away all debris and foliage against and around your outdoor unit.

Uneven Cooling

If you notice that one zone tends to feel warmer than the others in your home, first make sure the display is showing the proper setting and your remote is functioning as expected. Verify there are no error codes displayed and that your air handler is running quietly. If all checks out, you probably have a refrigerant line problem and need to call for a professional repair.

Noisy Air Handler

Air handlers should run quietly and barely above a soft whisper of sound. A loud air handler is a sign that your blower motor has worn bearings that are loose or are trying to lock up. This is a part easily replaced by an HVAC service technician.

No Cooling

If your system is running but failing to keep up with the heat, there’s a problem with either your outdoor unit or your refrigeration lines. If you see ice forming around your outdoor unit, there’s a serious problem. In any case, when your entire system isn’t operating to expectations, you’ll need to call for AC repair service.

Is your ductless HVAC system struggling? Call us at Airmasters Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. to request a service call anywhere in the Cleburne, TX, area. Our expert AC service technicians will locate any problems with your system and get it running at peak efficiency in no time.

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