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Can I Repair My Own Water Heater in Mansfield, TX?

Many homeowners in Mansfield, TX, enjoy completing do-it-yourself tasks. Unfortunately, some tasks simply don’t lend themselves to the DIY enthusiast’s lifestyle. If you’re dealing with water heater issues and you want to repair them yourself, be sure to consider the following factors:

Safety Issues

Without the proper training, it’s not safe for you to attempt to repair your water heater. Electric water heaters put water and electricity in contact with one another, which is a recipe for disaster for people who don’t have experience. Gas-powered water heaters are equally as dangerous, as a single mistake can create a gas leak in your home.

In addition to electrical and gas issues, you also run the risk of burning yourself when encountering boiling water. Working on a water heater without the right tools or adequate education is unsafe. Instead of risking your safety and the safety of your household, leave all water heater repairs to the pros.

Creating Other Problems

Your water heater relies on many components that work together to provide warm water to your household. Even if you manage to accurately diagnose which of those parts needs repairing, you may do more harm than good when trying to work on the system yourself. A single slip of the hand can lead to bigger, more expensive problems if another part accidentally breaks.

Voiding Your Warranty

Depending on the age of your water heater, your system may have warranty protection in place. However, most warranties have conditions that the owner must adhere to, including only allowing a licensed professional to repair your water heater. If you repair the system and void the warranty, you’ll assume financial responsibility for any future water heater repairs.

Instead of trying to save money by repairing your water heater, bring in the experts. Contact Airmasters AC, Heat, Plumbing & Electrical today to schedule a water heater repair or ask about the rest of our plumbing services in Mansfield, TX.

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