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How These Common Commercial HVAC Repairs Save You Money

As a successful business owner in Mansfield, TX, you focus on ensuring your employees and customers feel comfortable inside your commercial property. That means installing an energy-efficient commercial HVAC system, repairing it when needed and maintaining it regularly. Here are four common commercial HVAC repairs that can save you money:

Lubricating Moving Parts

Every part of your commercial HVAC system has a vital function. That’s why even one malfunctioning part can inhibit energy-efficient operation and eventually lead to a breakdown. Schedule repairs immediately if you hear screeching or scraping sounds in your commercial HVAC system. Lubricating the moving parts will prevent further damage.

Clearing the Condensate Drain Line

The condensate drain line removes excess moisture in your indoor environment. If it clogs, the drain pan will overflow. As a result, the water will damage the property around it. It’ll also cause your commercial HVAC system to strain and eventually stop working. Clearing the condensate drain line prevents this costly problem from happening.

Changing the HVAC Filter

Changing the commercial HVAC filter is one task every business owner can complete. You should check it every month and change it as needed. A clean commercial HVAC filter helps your system operate smoothly. As a result, you’ll pay lower energy costs, avoid expensive commercial HVAC repairs and protect your indoor air quality.

Calibrating the Thermostat

Your commercial HVAC system won’t cool and heat your business effectively and efficiently if the thermostat isn’t reading accurate temperatures and sending the right signals. An HVAC professional can calibrate your thermostat to ensure it’s working correctly. By doing so, you’ll prevent discomfort and higher operational costs.

When you need quality commercial HVAC repairs in a flash, contact Airmasters AC, Heat, Plumbing & Electrical. We’ll minimize disruption to your business and help you easily maximize indoor comfort and energy efficiency. Our commercial HVAC repairs fix the underlying issue so it doesn’t cause further problems that are more expensive to repair.

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