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My House is Too Hot! Why Won’t My Furnace in Cleburne, TX, Turn Off?

A heater that runs all the time is an urgent issue because it makes you uncomfortable and drives up your energy bill. The reason behind a furnace that doesn’t turn off may relate to its filter, thermostat or blower motor. Here are some common reasons your furnace in Cleburne, TX, won’t turn off.

Dirty Air Filter

A dirty air filter prevents sufficient air from coming inside your furnace. As a result of reduced air entering the system, less air can circulate throughout your home. Your furnace may run longer in an attempt to heat your home to your desired temperature.

Don’t wait until you experience furnace problems to change or clean its air filter. You should change the air filter at least once a month. Some furnaces have a reusable filter that you need to clean just as frequently. Check the user manual to know the details.

Wrong Thermostat Setting

Someone may have accidentally changed your thermostat settings. They may have switched the fan to “ON” mode or increased the set temperature. Before calling a furnace repair company, double-check that your thermostat settings are correct.

Broken Blower Fan Motor

Mechanical failures in the blower fan motor could cause it to run nonstop. This component brings air inside the furnace and pushes it back into your living space as warm air.

There could be damage to the fan limit switch, resulting in a malfunctioning blower fan motor. Our service technician may need to repair its wiring or replace the switch.

Lack of Maintenance

Most furnace problems are preventable through annual professional maintenance. When a problem does occur in a well-maintained system, it’s usually minor.

Your furnace in Cleburne, TX, should receive professional maintenance once a year. During maintenance, we inspect the system to make sure no parts are in need of replacement. We also lubricate the moving components and thoroughly clean the system.

A furnace that runs all the time is a problem you’ll need an HVAC service technician to fix. Contact our team at Airmasters AC, Heat, Plumbing & Electrical for heating repairs in Cleburne, TX.

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