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3 Habits That Jeopardize Your Plumbing in Granbury, TX

The habits of your home’s occupants could be the cause of frequent plumbing problems. Avoiding them can lower repair costs and help your plumbing system in Granbury, TX, last longer.

Washing Hair Down the Drain

Loose hair strands usually fall out when you wash your hair. If you allow these strands to go down your drain, they can combine with other things, such as grease and soap residue, and create a ball.

These balls may clog the drain lines and prevent water from flowing smoothly. When water builds up, it increases the pressure on the pipes, potentially leading to leaks. Also, water that stays stagnant due to those clogs can cause a foul odor in your house, lowering the indoor air quality.

Consider brushing your hair before you wash it to remove all the loose strands. Alternately, purchase a drain cover/hair catcher to prevent solids from making their way into your pipes.

Ignoring “Minor” Issues

If water is going unusually slowly down the drains, this is a sign of trouble. If you have been hearing dripping sounds, it’s another sign of trouble.

Although you may view these issues as minor, they have the potential to balloon into a significantly big problem that’s expensive to repair. Therefore, have a professional inspect your plumbing system immediately after you detect anything unusual.

Misusing Your Garbage Disposal

While it’s convenient to dispose of trash in your disposal, you need to be mindful of the items you put in there. Some things, such as fibrous vegetables and greasy foods, can create blockages.

Hard objects, such as bones or small metallic objects, can damage the disposal’s blades and pipes as they collide with these parts. Pay close attention to what goes down your disposal to prevent problems.

If you detect anything strange with your plumbing system, don’t attempt DIY repairs. Instead, call our pros at Airmasters AC, Heat, Plumbing & Electrical for exceptional plumbing services.

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