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3 Furnace Odors and What They Mean in Mansfield, TX

With the cool fall weather here, now’s a good time to think about your furnace and its ability to warm your home. If you’re noticing unusual odors coming from your furnace, don’t ignore them. Let’s take a look at three common furnace odors found in Mansfield, TX, homes and what they mean.

Dusty or Musty Smells

If you haven’t used your furnace for a while, it’s common for it to smell damp, dusty or musty. The cause of this is usually dust and debris that has built up over the summer season. As your furnace heats up, it burns off the debris, and the smell should fade fairly quickly after the first use or two. If it doesn’t fade, it could be due to a clogged filter.

Rotten Egg or Sewage Smells

This smell is a sign of a serious problem. The most likely cause of a rotten-egg smell is a failed heat exchanger, which leads the furnace to circulate unsafe levels of carbon monoxide. Sewage smells can stem from small animals dying in your system. If your furnace smells like rotten eggs or sewage, shut it down immediately and call a professional.

Dirty Sock Smells

If your furnace smells like a locker room or dirty socks, it’s most likely due to a bacteria build-up on your heating coils or ductwork. A fresh filter and maintenance service from a reputable company should resolve the issue.

If you’re experiencing these or any other troubling smells from your furnace, you should have it checked out soon. It isn’t worth the risk to your family’s health and comfort to delay this issue.

Your furnace requires routine maintenance to ensure it’s working efficiently. Call Air Masters Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. today to discuss how our maintenance program can keep your furnace performing all season long.

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