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3 Reasons to Consider a Ductless AC Installation

Are you shopping for a new air conditioning system in Cleburne, Texas? Now’s the time to purchase your new air conditioner; otherwise, you risk compromising your comfort when the temperatures start breaking the 80-degree mark daily. There are plenty of cooling systems to choose from, including a ductless AC installation.

It’ll Save You Money

Beating the heat in Texas can come at a significant cost. That’s why maximizing cooling efficiency is so important. By switching to a ductless AC system, you’ll experience greater savings throughout the hot summer months. Here’s how:

  • Use less power to cool your home by operating a smaller system.
  • Avoid losing conditioned air via leaky ductwork.
  • Create zones and stop cooling rooms that aren’t occupied.

Saving money on your monthly energy bills isn’t the only way you can keep more money in your pockets. Homeowners in Cleburne can also become eligible for tax credits and utility rebates when they perform a ductless AC installation.

It’ll Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

Your home’s air quality is likely worse than the air outside. With traditional air conditioning systems, you need to clean the ductwork to prevent it from contributing to poor indoor air quality. However, ductless AC systems offer multi-stage filtration that reduces dust, allergens, bacteria and other particulates in your home’s air.

It’ll Lower Your Carbon Footprint

When you maximize energy efficient, you help the environment. Instead of only following the minimum standards set by the federal government, ductless AC systems follow strict ENERGY STAR guidelines. That makes them more efficient.

Ductless AC systems also use R-410A refrigerant instead of R-22. The former is known for its zero ozone depletion potential, while the latter is known for depleting the ozone and will be prohibited by 2020.

Are you interested in scheduling a ductless AC installation? If so, the HVAC experts at Airmasters AC, Heat, Plumbing & Electrical can help you select and install the right system for your home. Call us at 817-506-4862.

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