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What to Expect During a New HVAC Installation in Granbury, TX

A well-functioning HVAC system improves indoor air quality, improves energy efficiency in your home and helps you live more comfortably. If you need to install a new air conditioner or heater, the best time to do so is in between seasons. Here’s what homeowners in Granbury, TX, should expect during a new HVAC installation:

Organizing the Area

Our qualified service technicians don’t start installing the HVAC system until all the items within the installation area are safe and protected. They prepare this area by removing furniture and other valuable items.

They will also lay tarps to protect your floor and furniture from dust. However, if the installation area has items that are of significant value, consider storing them safely before our contractors arrive at the house.

Two-Man Crews

Our skilled HVAC service technicians always work in two-man crews during HVAC installation projects. It helps to avoid high foot traffic volume in your house.

Working in twos also reduces the risk of damaging other parts of the home through on-the-job accidents. Additionally, it prevents confusion among the contractors and the communication issues that are likely to occur when they’re working in large groups.

Open Communication

HVAC contractors interact openly with homeowners during an HVAC installation project. For example, they’ll talk to you about the right place to install the HVAC system, how long the installation will take and what you should expect after the project’s completion. They’ll also help you understand how they plan to ensure safety during the project.

Additionally, the service technicians will allow you to ask questions and express your concerns. For example, you can ask how the HVAC system will benefit your home and how you can maintain it to ensure that it serves you for as long as possible.

Use of Protective Gear

Our professionals also wear hygienic shoe covers to avoid dirtying your floor and bringing in contamination elements from outside. You should also expect them to wear safety equipment to protect themselves in case of any accidents. Prioritizing their safety will also give you peace of mind during the HVAC installation project.

You should expect our HVAC contractors to clean the project area. They take the responsibility to remove the screws or other materials that can cause accidents in your home.

Accuracy and Promptness

You should also expect our HVAC service technicians to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and protocols during the installation. Taking these precautions enables them to install the system correctly.

HVAC installation involves various systems, such as plumbing and electricity. Unexpected repairs, such as electrical upgrades or drywall repairs, can happen during this project. HVAC experts indicate that it’s impossible to assess some things until this project begins.


Our qualified service technicians will give you a summary of what they have done once they finish installing the HVAC system. They’ll also explain to you vital details about the system, including HVAC maintenance tips, what signs to look out for and how to maximize the system’s lifespan. Having all this information enables you to stay comfortable without worrying.

After installing the new HVAC system, you should expect the service technicians to test it. This helps them to ensure that all the components are running and functioning properly.

Quality Control

You should also expect us to send a quality control inspector after the completion of the project. The inspector’s role is to do a follow-up and check if the service technicians skipped any steps or had a delay during the installation. They also check if the workers did everything necessary to ensure that your HVAC system serves you well.

Installing a new HVAC system is a considerable but necessary investment. Knowing what to expect during a new HVAC system installation enables you to understand the project better and approach it with confidence. Call Airmasters AC, Heat, Plumbing & Electrical today for superior and reliable AC installation services.

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