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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a New HVAC Company in Burleson, TX

Did you know that an HVAC system can be one of the most significant investments of your lifetime? If you need a new system or repairs in Burleson, TX, it’s essential to do some research before hiring a contractor. Here are questions to ask your prospective HVAC company so that you receive the best systems and services possible:

Ask to See the HVAC Contractor’s License

Every state has different licensing requirements for HVAC service technicians. Therefore, it’s essential to ask this question before hiring a contractor. All states require contractors to meet specific safety requirements like proper training or certification and providing proof of insurance. Most companies will have their license number, which you can then use to check the status online.

What are the Inclusives and Exclusives of Your Quote?

In the HVAC industry, there are different levels of service and various price points. You want to make sure you get the best quote by asking what’s included and excluded. For example, if they include new equipment installation, does that mean that they will also uninstall your old unit?

The same goes for exclusives. Are there certain things the contractor won’t do? This is an excellent question because it allows you to compare quotes and get the best possible value.

Do They Guarantee Customer Satisfaction?

Every company is different, and it’s essential to know if the contractor guarantees satisfaction with their work. Can they come back out if there are issues in the future? What’s their policy for returning phone calls or emails after completion of the job?

Every company should provide a toll-free number for customers to call if they’re not satisfied with the work. Some will even guarantee customer satisfaction, but you want to ensure it’s clearly stated before signing any agreement. If possible, hiring someone who provides this in their contract can help protect against problems in the future.

Will They Clean After Completing the Job?

After working in your home for hours on end, many HVAC service technicians will be sweaty and dirty. It’s important to ask if they offer any post-work cleaning services so that you’re not stuck trying to clean everything after they complete the job. In addition, it’s always good to know how long they plan on sticking around to make sure everything is working correctly.

It’s common for HVAC service technicians to come in, swap out your system and leave the worksite looking just as they found it if not better. This is why hiring a company that cleans up after itself can make all the difference. You want to hire someone who will pick up nails or other small debris from the lawn, vacuum dust and dirt from the system and make sure your worksite is free of any trash before they leave.

How Soon Can They Start Work?

Many HVAC contractors in Burleson, TX, will have a two- to three-week window between quotes. This is typical because they’re busy and want to make sure you are the only client they’re working for at the time.

If possible, hiring someone who can complete work within one or two weeks of signing an agreement can save you time and money in the long run. For example, if your current HVAC system is on its last leg and you need an HVAC upgrade immediately, you’ll want a company that takes measurements or installs the system as soon as possible.

If your system breaks down and you need emergency service, you shouldn’t have to wait six to eight weeks. While most companies have a standard time frame for repairs, you should ask this question to find out just how long it might take before the contractor can even start work on your new system.

Get In Contact With an HVAC Company Today

If you’re looking for a company to provide HVAC services like repair and maintenance, be sure to contact Airmasters AC, Heat, Plumbing & Electrical today. We’re happy to answer any questions and provide our expert opinion on what would work best for your home.

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