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Improve Cooling Efficiency With a Variable-Speed AC Motor

As a homeowner in Burleson, TX, you might consider ways to make your home’s HVAC system perform more effectively. A great reason to consider an energy-efficient replacement is to increase cooling efficiency. A variable-speed AC motor is what you need to improve cooling efficiency. Read on to learn more about this technology.

What’s a Two-Stage AC Compressor?

New technology offers one excellent alternative that might enable you to reduce the expense of HVAC system repair and maintenance. There’s only one speed on traditional air conditioners. As a result, their operating costs are higher than systems that regulate in response to cooling demands since they constantly operate at total capacity.

A typical AC compressor can only run at one setting — high — like a standard blower motor. In contrast, the two modes of operation for an air conditioner with a two-stage air compressor are high and low. This air compressor operates roughly 80% of the time at a low level and only switches to a high level when necessary.

Installing a two-stage AC compressor has advantages. One key benefit is its convenience in managing mild to extreme conditions efficiently. The following are some additional benefits of two-stage compressors.

  • Energy efficient – A two-stage AC compressor utilizes less energy at the low level of operation than at the high level. Despite having lengthier cooling cycles than a typical air compressor, it consumes substantially less power because it operates at a low level most of the time.
  • More benefits to your air conditioner – An air conditioner with a two-stage air compressor has longer cooling cycles and doesn’t turn on and off as frequently as a device with a standard air compressor. As a result, it uses less energy and is less taxing on your air conditioner.
  • Less variation in temperature – Like a variable-speed blower motor, a two-stage AC compressor may cool your house gradually instead of blasting it with cold air each time the temperature climbs beyond the thermostat’s set point. As a result, your home will have a more constant temperature during the day and at night.
  • Reduces humidity in the air – A two-stage air compressor has longer cooling cycles, which gives it more time to extract moisture from the air. This improves its ability to handle excessive humidity levels in your house.

What’s a Variable-Speed Motor?

Motors with variable speeds control air conditioning flow. Customers who desire increased comfort, quieter cooling equipment, cheaper energy costs and better internal humidity management should consider installing these air conditioners.

A variable-speed motor system can remove twice as much moisture by reducing airspeed, which is crucial. Variable-speed air handlers improve the functionality of filtration systems and provide you with cleaner air to breathe. Two-stage HVAC compressors need modernized air handlers to operate with the highest energy efficiency.

These aren’t the only reasons to consider this type of motor system. The following are some significant benefits of variable-speed compressors:

  • Offer accurate temperature and humidity control without the need to modify settings constantly.
  • Are very energy-efficient because they are only generating what you need.
  • Are quite good at automatically shifting to more severe temperature swings.

In the end, the cooling needs of your home determine how both components are modulated. The main drawback of variable-speed compressors is that the expense may not be justified in locations without such significant temperature fluctuations.

The Bottom Line

Despite the many practical features of current HVAC systems, homeowners seeking the utmost interior comfort frequently choose a central air conditioner with a two-stage compressor and variable-speed motor. Longer cooling cycles and fewer on/off cycles are functionalities of air conditioners with two-stage air compressors in contrast to those with standard air compressors.

At Airmasters Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., we are aware of how crucial excellent HVAC services are to our clients. Contact us to find out how our air conditioning services can help you improve your home.

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